Erika 15

Address: Erika 15
Apartments: 62
Gross area: 5 200 m2
Courtyard: 3 500 m2

Erika 15 is a historic stone house that was completely reconstructed. A derelict house became one of the most prominent buildings in North-Tallinn. Together with the Arsenal shopping centre, Erika 15 marks the start of a new era for the neighbourhood.

The historic building is spacious and full of light – large windows, ceilings up to 3.6 metres tall, 4.7 metres on the top floor. The centrally heated house has an energy classification of B. Each apartment has individual utility meters, allowing for a consumption-based cost accounting for the apartments. The courtyard has over 30 birches, oaks and apple trees and over 500 smaller plants.

An interactive interior design tool was developed specifically for Erika 15, allowing each apartment to be personalised by the buyers.