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Eduard House

Liimi 1b

Eduard House by Larsen is ideally located at Kristiine for quick and convenient access to centre town, to Mustamäe or other parts of Tallinn. All Eduard House rooms are fully furnished. Book today and move in tomorrow. It is that simple. The house offers rooms for one or more people - whichever option suits you best. At Eduard House you have access to not only your private space but also other areas of the building - a hallmark of all Larsen houses. What can you do there? The motivating aura of the quiet co-working room helps you focus on work or studies, rather than on your social media. You can spend your leisure time in the lobby, beating your neighbours at air hockey or finding a good book in the library nook. On the rooftop, you will find a spacious terrace where you can enjoy the view and the sunset (and, why not, the sunrise as well). Our Community Manager is responsible for making sure that you don't get bored for even a moment, organising fun events where you can make new lifelong friends or finally introduce yourself to that neighbour you always pass at the bicycle storage in the morning.

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