Our residents share their Larsen experience

When I started my job in Estonia I didn’t know if I was going to like it and how long I was going to stay. So taking a long rental commitment for one year wasn’t possible for me. For that reason the flexibility that Larsen offered was just great.
Mayara Saldanha
From Brazil, 31 years old, working at Wise
Every time I meet with international people in Tallinn I ask them if they are staying at Larsen. And if they’re not, they always know someone who is. People really like Larsen here in Tallinn. And if they’re not staying at Larsen, most of them regret not having chosen it.
Manuel Campos
From Spain, 21 years old, intern
I came here as an expat, and I didn’t know how long I would stay. So I didn’t want to invest in any furniture. So it was really nice that Larsen already has everything, and the furniture is new and looks nice.
Emel Almira Sarioglu
From Turkey, 26 years old, working at Wise
It is very easy to connect with new people at Larsen. Some of them are also from my university, which makes it very easy to become friends.
Shams Raiyan Ahmed
From India, 21 years old, student
My favourite common area is definitely the rooftop. It is so nice for relaxing after work. In second place is either our lounge or the gym.
Elina Elend
From Estonia, 22 years old, working at Denim Dream
It was super easy to book my room at Larsen. All that was needed was my name and my signature.
Aleksander Saarse
From Estonia, 22 years old, working in Tallinn

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